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Welcome to Lancewood

Lancewood is a website design and management service, based in Victoria and operating since 2003. Every website is optimised for speed and crystal-clear communication. We create logos and graphics, bring out the best in your images, and offer professional copywriting and editing services. We handle domain names, site hosting and security, and your first consultation is free. Lancewood makes websites easy.
Want a business or interest group website? We offer:
  • Website design and management
  • Site hosting and domain names managed
  • Logos designed and images optimised
  • Security updates and monitoring
  • Email accounts and mailing lists
  • Professional copywriting and editing
  • Free first consultation and advice
  • No jargon, gimmicks or surprises


Seabooks Press

Through Seabooks Press, Lancewood offers professional editing and publishing services. We format manuscripts into paperback books ready for sale on Amazon, or into digital book formats suitable for sale through Amazon, Apple, Google Play, etc. We also create promotional media such as postcards, flyers, posters, pull-up banners.

Latest Publication

On behalf of the Maritime Trust of Australia, who manage the museum ship HMAS Castlemaine, Seabooks Press edited and published the life of the WWII corvette, with photos, crew lists and corvette history, in HMAS Castlemaine: the Corvette That Came Home.

Castlemaine book

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Award-Winning Nonfiction
Redbill book
Award-Winning Nonfiction
Turning Tide
Radiation Book 1
Atomic Sea
Radiation Book 2

Silver Highways book
Tempo Foundation
Testing the Limits
Tempo Book 1
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Tempo Book 2
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